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Thank you for visiting TLThornton Services. Principal Thomas L. Thornton is a computing consultant applying decades of experience in the industry to engage your technical problems and provide you human solutions. We are eager to use our expertise and support to advance you or your enterprise.
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Computing technology has changed our lives. And in some ways the change is just beginning. At TLThornton Services we seize opportunity from the next generation of the information age to apply our tech skills with a broad understanding of the historical and future human impacts of computing. We provide computing excellence with the highest confidence.

Our clients need to:

  • Build technical infrastructure
  • Enhance and expand installations
  • Learn and document new developments
  • Grow with new computing tecnologies


  • Spring, 2007 - Web site launch.
  • Spring, 2008 - Site renovation.
  • Spring, 2016 - Milo College Fund.


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